Reviews - What our happy customers say!

Reviews – What our happy crocheters say!

Oh So Pretty And Clever reviews

“Being passionate about what you do brings out the best possible result.”

Emma Pickering, Crochet Instructor, Oh So Pretty And Clever

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Emma, Owner & Founder of Oh So Pretty And Clever
Crochet Courses

Many of you may have considered learning how to crochet before, but been daunted by the prospect.  Fear not!

Some of you may have picked up a hook and yarn and given it a go with the best of intentions, and subsequently ended up throwing said hook and yarn across the room before declaring “it’s impossible, I don’t have the patience or the coordination for it!”  I mean this in the nicest possible way, but you’re wrong!

If you’re a complete beginner or someone who has tried and failed in the past, you’re in the right place.  Through my workshops, I will help you to begin your crochet journey (again), and this time I promise I’ll get you #Hooked! (although i won’t be held responsible for the amount of yarn and accessories you’ll no doubt end up buying, and the obsession that will grow with every stitch!

Don’t take my word for it though, have at look what my students have said…

Retreat reviews

We launched our very first crochet retreat in September 2021 with a handful of lovely ladies.  Here’s what they had to say about the weekend:

“I’ve really enjoyed the retreat. 

What a treat to just have dedicated time to sit and crochet.  Thank you Emma for all your help and inspiration.  I look forward to making all the projects we got in our goodie bags.” Alison x

“Thank you so much for such a fun & inspiring weekend. 

I’ve met great people & learnt so much!  Taking this time for myself has been so valuable.  I look forward to the next one.” Georgie Billings xxx

“It’s been a great weekend.

Lovely company – learned so much!  I’m looking forward to next time.”  Fiona xx

More about our crochet retreats.

Workshop reviews

I’ll definitely book the next level

“Very informative class, easy to follow at your own pace, easy to see what the tutor was doing on the camera. will look to book another class with the same tutor”

Mrs Fox

Thank you

“My first time picking up a crochet needle and Emma’s class really put me at ease and taught me exactly what I wanted to begin with. Thank you.”


Online beginners crochet

“I’d been given a lot of crochet stuff for Christmas and a book, but I found it really difficult to understand the mechanics of the stitches from static diagrams. Emma’s 2 hour beginner class over Zoom was perfect to get me up and running with all the basic stitches I need to start with crochet. The camera angle was perfect to see what was being done, and Emma repeated demonstrations when I didn’t quite get them the first time. She also provided some helpful materials as a reminder after the class. Definitely recommended.”

Alison B

Wonderful course

“Wonderful course – I was really intimidated by crochet, but this course was easy to understand and Emma was so patient and helpful. I absolutely loved it” 🙂 

Sarah-Jane Fleetwood

Beginners crochet

“I’ve attempted crochet before on more than 1 occasion and not got my head around it.  2 hours with Emma and the basics have fallen in to place!  Emma was very clear, friendly and very patient.  Great course and I’m glad I’ve finally started my hooking journey!” Sarah-Jane Lloyd

Excellent course

“Excellent course! I had done some crochet as a child but had forgotten what to do. Emma explained everything very clearly and using good camera angles. She looked after everyone on the course and made sure we all got to the same place. Very pleased that I took part.”

Deborah Shields

Really enjoyed this course

“Really enjoyed this course. Emma was so patient and helpful, and offered post-course support! I would recommend it to any beginner.”

Sarah-Jane Lloyd

Beginners Crochet course

I have never crocheted before, Emma was very kind and patient, she explained the techniques clearly and was happy to repeat the demonstration as many times as I needed. Now I need to practice. 

Jane Veneble

Crochet for Beginners – Amazing

Attended a beginners crochet workshop with Emma via zoom. Thoroughly enjoyed it and now looking to book another. Would highly recommend. 


Beginners Crochet

“I attended a beginner’s workshop with Emma today and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Emma is a great teacher, so patient and clear in her instruction.  I can highly recommend it!”


Learning a new skill – crochet

Met a group of ladies and Emma at a local pub to learn the basics of crochet.
Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 hours – it flew by.
Emma was so lovely and patient with everyone and we all went away happy having learnt a new skill.
Would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn crochet 😊

Rachael Dodd

A great little crochet workshop

A great little crochet workshop, it was very enjoyable. Emma is very knowledgeable about all things crochet. I would highly reccommed any workshop she runs.

Helen Spreckley

Hooking wonderful

“I recently attended one of Emma’s crochet courses and it was absolutely fantastic. She’s so patient and a great teacher. I’ll certainly be attending more.”


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