Level 2 - Advanced Beginner's crochet

Level 2 – Advanced Beginner’s Crochet

Before starting our Level 2 – Advanced Beginner’s Crochet workshop, you must have successfully completed the Level 1 – Beginner’s Crochet workshop.  You will need to practice the basic stitches, working in rows.

Level 2 – Advanced Beginner’s Crochet is the next step on your learn-to-crochet journeyAimed at those who are competent in creating a row of single crochet (US) and are ready to progress to work in the round. 

Learning outcomes

  • Create a magic ring to start 
  • Use an alternative to the magic ring, and know which one suits your pattern best 
  • Work in the round using basic stitches 
  • Joining the round and the fake stitch 
  • How to increase 
  • How to decrease 
  • Stitch count and using a stitch marker 
Tunisian crochet

From here you will be able to build your skill level in order to create 3D spherical pieces, such as toys and teddys.  You will also be able to create 2D patterns in the form of coasters, doilies, and the versatile granny square. 

The posibilities are endless!  Once you have learned to crochet with basic stitches in the round as well as the row, you can try many different patterns that are available and have a go for yourself.

Level 2 - Advanced Beginner's Crochet - ideas


Each workshop lasts for 2 hours and is delivered in-person or live online via Zoom.  The sessions are charged per person and include an Advanced Beginner’s Guide to Crochet as well as after-class support.

Left handed?

If you are left handed, this will not affect your learning capability.  Crochet is an ambidextrous craft and can be taught in the same way to both right and left handed people.  If you already crochet in a left-handed manner, please email us at info@ohsoprettyandclever.com to discuss your requirements and how we can best accommodate you.


The materials that you will need are as follows:

For all your yarn, hook, crochet, and craft supplies, visit our amazing partners at Lovecrafts.


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