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Crochet workshops with Oh So Pretty And Clever

Learn to crochet properly with a real person!  Sometimes a book or video just doesn’t cut it, and you need that live one-to-one guidance from an experienced tutor.  Our crochet workshops are perfect for beginners through to advanced and Tunisian crochet.

The basics of crochet will be covered in our beginner’s crochet workshops in a patient and relaxed way, with a qualified crochet expert of over 15 years.

Oh So Pretty And Clever is an award winning, female led provider of fantastic crochet workshops and retreats  We have a real passion for sharing this amazing, beneficial craft.

We offer regular live online and in-person crochet workshops, each lasting up to 2 hours, to people of any age and starting ability.

Online workshops are delivered via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.

In-person workshops are delivered in Cheshire.

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Types of crochet workshops that we offer:

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It’s on trend

“Crochet is making a massive come back as one of the most trendy and productive hobbies to have.  Not to mention portable and inexpensive too!  Google Searches has ranked it the number three ‘How-to’ search over the past few years.”  Crochet is good for your health, FACT!

Beginners crochet

Having been invented as a method for producing a cheap substitute for lace, the humble beginnings of crochet gave it a reputation as an inferior craft.  That was until Queen Victoria herself gave it the Royal thumbs up by buying crocheted lace made by Irish women who were struggling to make a living after the Great Potato Famine.  As a result, she herself learned to crochet, and by the end of her reign in 1901, much of England was quite literally hooked!  The History of Crochet

Crochet workshops are good for your health

The mental health of the nation has become increasingly talked about for good reason.  It is very important to highlight the health benefits of taking up a hobby.  Hobbies instill a sense of purpose as well as providing enjoyment.  The more time you can devote to a hobby, the greater the satisfaction and sense of achievement you feel. Lockdown 2.0 – A Survival Guide

Serotonin and dopamine are two very important chemicals for mental health, and are known to be natural anti-depressants.  The repetitive movement of crochet has shown to increase serotonin levels.  Furthermore, matching your breathing to the repetitive action also helps to slow down your heartbeat and increase dopamine. Crochet is good for your health, FACT!

Already know how to crochet?

If you’re already hooked on this fantastic hobby (pun intended!) then we know you would just love our crochet retreats!  Set in the heart of Cheshire, (and new for 2023 in Tuscany Italy!) our all-inclusive retreats are a massive hit with the crochet community and sell out fast!

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