Crochet Freddo on Radio X

Crochet Freddo on Radio X!

Crochet Freddo on Radio X!

Our very own crochet Freddo was well received by Chris Moyles and the team at Radio X recently.

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Dom’s letters

For a few months now, Dominic Byrne (Co-host) has been asking people to send in actual letters to the Radio X headquarters in London.  Of course, the fabulous listeners have not disappointed.  Every day during the breakfast show, Dom reads out a collection of the letters sent in.

Usually, listeners send in a letter with an accompanying gift from their own company, in return for a social media plug.  Over the months Chris and the team have been sent all sorts of wonderful items.  From Tefal steamers, carved wooden owls, and lots, and lots of pies, cakes, and brownies!


One such sweet treat that the team are well known for enjoying (apart from Jaffa Cakes), is a chocolate Freddo.  As you can imagine, lots of listeners have packed their envelopes with the cute little snack in the hope of getting their letter read out on air.

Being obvious crochet addicts at Oh So Pretty And Clever, and listening to the team groaning daily about their waist-lines, and the number of sinful goodies they were expected to consume; we decided to go one better and crochet a Freddo instead!

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Crochet Freddo was born!
Within the week our woolly green friend was born!

Sad to see him go…

And so the time came for Freddo to leave.  It was quite an emotional trip to the Post Office that day.  All wrapped up in his cardboard box, clutching a letter in the hope that he would be warmly welcomed in his new home.

Little did we know that he was bound for greatness.  On the morning of Tuesday 16th March 2021, Crochet Freddo was announced to the world!

Crochet Freddo ready to go

Missing letter!

At first, we thought Freddo might suffer the same plight as orphan Annie, when Dom and Chris couldn’t find the letter that had been sent in with him to explain his story.  “There’s no letter with him” they said!  “There’s just a tag around his wrist saying ‘Handmade with love.  One of a kind'”

Nooooo!  There was definitely a letter.  Quick, send them a text…

Thank goodness for the lovely producer Pippa Taylor, who knew that Freddo had brought with him a letter to be read out.  “We’ll play a song and find the letter” said Chris.

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Crochet Freddo

Freddos new home

So now, our famous Freddo resides with Chris and the team at the Radio X studio.  Or we’d like to think so at least!  He’s famous!  We miss you Freddo, but we knew you had to go on to greater things.

And now we have to crochet a nun!


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